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Inner Wealth self-love audio series

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This audio series will help you:​

7 hours plus - 10 MP3 audios to download

  • to feel ‘loved up’ and supported no matter what, whether you are single, in a relationship, going through a breakup or a personal or professional challenge which is typically when we blame ourselves for everything and feel like rubbish!
  • to connect with and compassionately understand your core self, your energy and how you have blocked being able to FEEL your own loving inner warmth throughout your body because of guilt, fear, self hatred, judgement, abuse, trauma or lifelong conditioning, culture or religion;
  • connect to the energy flow of rich nurturing self love as a full body experience. THIS CONNECTION IS THE DOORWAY TO INNER WEALTH, the wholeness and security and unbreakable connection to the home of deep LOVE we all crave;
  • identify, melt and release any resistances and blocks to your own loving warmth;
  • safely connect to your vulnerabilities and childhood wounds and unravel and heal historic defensiveness and the deepest fears that keep you recycling reactivity, blame, drama and approval seeking and addictive or toxic relationships;
  • go beyond vulnerability to merge with a NEW core power that most people never reach;
  • uproot the cause of self sabotage - the repeating patterns of shame, unworthiness and self abuse
  • release layers of guilt, no matter what you have said or done or didn't do and reclaim your core eternal innocence that holds all the INNER WEALTH of wisdom and intelligence and guidance that you can totally depend on;
  • achieve WHOLENESS and get free of love addiction and compulsive neediness, approval seeking, controlling and insecurities and become magnetic to healthy relationships and make life choices FOR you rather that against you.

About the series

There is a big, big difference between just believing you're lovable and worthy and the experience of really feeling and knowing you are lovble and worthy. Most people only 'play' at self love, not realizing that the sense of wholeness, completion, happiness and fulfilment they crave is achieved NOT just with mindset work or positive affirmations or changing beliefs or even great self care - but by a much, much deeper process that is energetic, totally visceral and profound and permanent. This audio series will make what I am saying - very real to you. I have turned myself inside out to deliver a high value series of 10 downloadable audios. Each audio is packed with my unique, powerful transformative tools and practices and my healing energies so that you feel completely 'loved' up from the inside out. These audios are the next best thing to actually working with me in person with unlimited access to all the material and all the expert guidance you need to get the best results possible. Clients tell me that listening to my audios feels like I'm right there with them - they feel supported.

This MP3 AUDIO SERIES really is a great investment in you. It is dedicated heart-centered work, infused with high energy and backed up by 25 years corporate, clinical and holistic professional experience - from working at the Stress Management Unit at London Bridge Hospital, presenting holistic programs to Central Law Training Ltd, and from lecturing and consulting in Energy Clearing and Emotional Detox - (top listed by Harper's Bazaar) to guests at Grayshott Spa UK and years in private practice wherever I have been based in the world.

Three payment options

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Pay £498 in 6 monthly instalments of £83

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Pay £498 in 12 monthly instalments of £41.50

On receipt of either your full payment or first installment, I will send you an email with your personal link to the INNER WEALTH SELF-LOVE AUDIO SERIES, usually well within 48 hours and then you will be on your journey to INNER WEALTH with me very soon!​


You get a free one hour consultation with me when you buy the series. Your audio series email will include an invitation to my calendar to schedule yourself in, in your timezone.

In this free session, you get to tell me about yourself and we focus on any area in your life that you most want help with. I will guide and support you so that you can confidently use the audios on your own for maximum benefits for your investment in YOU.