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Business Energy

I do Energy Clearing and Realignment for businesses, premises and people.

A business, its people, premises, each has what I call a VITALITY LEVEL of energy. You probably sense this or have a gut feeling that a business has good integrity for instance or a building feels welcoming or unhealthy – it is that simple because energy and instinct cannot lie. Good vitality invites the kind of custom and profitability you want.

I create bespoke programs that revitalise and realign business energy for greater expansion, harmony, love and success. I clear the frustrating blocks that hold things up and cause stress.

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Energy strands

There are 3 energy strands that merge and influence the vitality level of your business

  1. intention - what the business or premises provide as a service or product
  2. function - the work done and who and what is involved
  3. expression - quality of work, service or product and quality of health, attitude, communication and integrity of the people involved

The more harmoniously integrated the strands, the greater vitality, profitability and fulfilment.

Disharmony creates energy blocks

Disharmony in any strand shows up as delay, loss, damage, resentment, disinterest, carelessness, lovelessness, creative limitation, conflict, blame, deceit, stress and illness. All these create blocks to the flow of constructive energies and plenty of frustration!


This is happening for so many businesses and individuals right now. It is life’s way of saying it's time to let go of old ways of being or doing things. The heat is cranking up to the point of discomfort, stress, even ill health for some. BUT this is not a case for judgement or criticism or regret, it is simply a case of “let’s clear the blocked energies willingly now – or get dragged!”

How your bespoke Business Energy program is put together

You may need any part or combination:

  1. Business Energy Consulting / feedback/guidance - Skype or phone
  2. Energy Clearing – premises and infrastructure - I do alone
  3. Energy Consulting with individuals - Skype or phone

When appropriate I will visit your business and work face to face, but generally this is not necessary.

Business Energy Consulting

I listen. You just say what is on your mind, how you feel. We look at the energy strands of your business in detail, exploring your concerns and aspirations and any new ventures or partnerships. I give my energy perspective on what needs to be done to harmonize energies and boost vitality levels. You don’t have to know the cause of problems because I research and check everything thoroughly. I measure the vitality of the different energy strands and benefits versus negatives to any changes you are considering. 75% and above is healthy and positive.

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Energy Clearing

I do this remotely with the help of a wonderful comprehensive set of charts and a dowser/ pendulum.

I research the cause of congestion and blocks in your premises, business infrastructure, all people in connection and the severity of problems. I clear negative energies, harmonize and realign with new positive energies and build the vitality levels over a set period.

We schedule feedback and guidance consultations where I give relevant readings and findings on my research and clearing work and discuss any practical action needed.

Energy Consultations with individuals

Along the way there will be individuals who need to work with me to optimise their personal vitality level as this impacts the overall vitality level of your business. The focus can be anything e.g. stress, emotional management communication, inspired motivation and realignment to new intentions.

Why I clear premises

Detailed information, see toxic energy.

People drain us, buildings are no different. I find shopping malls utterly exhausting! Your business premises could be toxic before you moved in. There can be environmental stress, geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress or the walls, fixtures or fittings may have absorbed the residual emotional energy of aggression, fear, disappointment and all kinds of pain left by previous occupants. A building’s history, a jaded interior décor can be a drain on everyone who works or visits and can make people unwell, irritable and stressed. This reactivity just adds to the dense heavy energy. Nobody healthy, wants to leave their comfortable home to work in an unattractive, neglected, unwelcoming low vitality work space. If you run your business at home the same applies!

Maintenance clearings for premises

Premises really benefit from maintenance clearings – like human bodies they need regular loving care, a good cleanse, even a detox!

Vitality checks on new premises

If you are searching for new premises- it is a good idea to have vitality levels checked. Levels can be optimised with Energy Clearing before you move in.


Business size, the extent of work needed is reflected in a confirmed price for:

Business Energy consultations
Business Premises Energy Clearing
Business Infrastructure Energy Clearing
Feedback and Guidance consultation
Energy consultations for individuals

Small business from home

Energy Consulting and feedback sessions
Home and Business Combined Energy Clearing

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