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Energy Clearing

For businesses see Business Energy

How I started this work

It wasn’t until my own life felt blocked in every conceivable way that I resorted to someone else to clear my energy and the energy in my home. Despite persistent effort I had been unable to help myself, so whilst sceptical, I felt I had nothing to lose by trying this.

The positive effects were so dramatic that it was impossible to deny that distant energy clearing had worked. My home felt more energised, welcoming and lighter and within days things started to flow. Opportunities materialized, whereas before nothing was working. I just felt so much freer. I lost my scepticism and took the earliest opportunity to train how to do energy clearing. It is now a joy to be able to help clients who feel something about their home or their own energy is blocking their success, happiness and wellbeing.

Warmest wishes


What happens and how to schedule an Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is done remotely, making it accessible wherever you are and very easy to schedule. Simply contact me with your request from the list of options below, giving names as appropriate for you, family members, pets, your business, home or property and a brief summary of the problem as you understand it. You simply carry on life as usual and I will distance dowse to check vitality levels, congestion areas, research the root cause and clear the negative energy. I will let you know as soon as the energy has been cleared and provide any relevant feedback.


By all means call me if you are unsure what clearing work you need. I often recommend an Energy Clearing and feedback session first to familiarise you with what I do and how energy can be positively changed to affect your health and happiness.

Energy Clearing Options

For you, your home, property, family, pets, animals

List Marker Energy Clearing for home and property
List Marker Energy clearing and feedback session by phone or Skype  
List Marker 7 consecutive daily energy clearings
List Marker 28 consecutive daily energy clearings

Energy Clearing for home or property

See: Toxic energy where you live or work and how it affects your health and happiness

It is possible that over time energies in your home or property have changed and are affecting you or your family’s life negatively. You could be feeling uneasy in your home or simply that too many things are going wrong which might include not being able to sell your house or you or family members are often unwell or relationships have become strained.

For clearing of homes and property you will need to send your request outlining the problem and give full address and names of all occupants including pets. If after 2 weeks the energy still needs work, extra clearing is carried out with your consent.


I started to believe my flat was cursed. I'd had so many awful problems with lodgers, leading to such financial strain that, as a consequence, led to depression. Four years of anxiety.

I'd heard about Louise from a close friend, and called her. Just the talk on the phone was calming before she'd done anything! At that stage I'd managed to sell the flat but was worried the sale wouldn't go through due to my appalling luck with the place.

I'm not sure it would have ended well without Louise's help. It turned out there were huge complications that could have prevented the sale going through. All I did was follow her instructions on how to be positive. Louise did all the hard work clearing the flat of its bad energy. And I can't tell you the amount of bad energy there was!

Even if you don't believe in this kind of thing, the positivity can only be a good thing at times of great stress.

And who knows, you may just sell your flat too!

Business Energy 

The complex energy strands of a business and its people usually require a tailored program that can consist of Energy Consultations, Energy Clearing for premises and  business infrastructure, Stress Detox and Emotional Detox.

In a preliminary consultation where we can either talk by phone or meet, we discuss the needs of your business and people and the best way to optimise all aspects. Please see Business Energy.

The energy of a business is present from its conception, through its development to its every day maintenance and growth. It is constantly in a state of change and subject to positive or negative influences from the world outside. Likewise it is always being shaped by you and your team’s mental and emotional energy and intention.

Energy clearing can help if your business is going through challenges, changes or upheavals and it can help you and the individuals who contribute to its function. Clearing can harmonise  and de-stress relationships with staff, and other business connections. Clearing helps to remove obstacles to aligning the core energy of your business with your vision, intent or any new plans. On request clearing includes work on the actual business premises.

How Energy Clearing can help you, your family members and pets

Energy Clearing and feedback session

Energy Clearing helps unblock congested energy in and around the body. It boosts you with positive energy if things have become stagnant, you feel unwell, out of sorts, stuck in a cycle of low self esteem, have become unmotivated, fearful, stressed, frustrated, hurt or drained by other people’s negativity. If you are going through relationship problems, heartbreak or bereavement, Energy Clearing can give you the extra strength and support you require to get through. Most of us would readily admit to needing a confidence boost just before a date, job interview, important meeting or making a vital decision.

Energy Clearings can get to the root cause of health issues. Clients reluctant to take medication frequently request clearing for headaches, morning sickness and the onset of flu, colds, allergies and infections and other more serious ailments.  Energy Clearing is a fast acting, non invasive way to feel uplifted and positive and for harmonising important relationships.

In the feedback session you get the guidance you need to help you understand what the clearing did and what to expect going forward and guidance on any necessary further action.

Maintenance and Consecutive Daily Energy Clearings

You can have Maintenance Energy Clearing on a daily consecutive daily basis for an agreed period or on a monthly rolling basis  to sustain benefits and positive energy following any clearing on you, family members, pets, business or your property.

Clients frequently choose Consecutive Daily Clearings to optimise health, and to bring harmony to their personal, professional and family relationships.

Maintenance clearing is an ideal interim support between Emotional Detox and other therapy sessions and to sustain and optimize benefits at the end of any therapy program.

Family energy

All of us carry our own family ancestral energy. Many fears, taboos, religious beliefs, racial beliefs, prejudices, victimhood, and what is deemed acceptable remain unexamined. Many of us are unconscious of how we are held back and limited especially with regard to money, sex, who we date or marry or the careers we choose. Energy clearing can help identify and free us from family ancestral energies that limit us. It can help release us from the grip of needing approval and security at the expense of finding out who we are, what we want and being true to ourselves.

Pets and animals

Pets can’t talk our language but we usually know when they are not themselves, sick or grieving. They can be helped with energy clearing too.


I was referred to Louise by a friend and the first time I experienced her work was for a house clearing regarding my parents’ home. Their energy levels were low and they were about to put their house on the market. After Louise had cleared the house the atmosphere was lighter and my parents were visibly a lot more energetic. Prospective buyers kept commenting on the wonderful feeling that the house has. They subsequently took their house off the market as they decided to stay in the UK until next year for the arrival of their first grandchild! However my parents are delighted that one couple are so keen,they are willing to wait to buy and have already made a provisional offer.

During the first few months of my pregnancy I was hospitalised and experienced full-on nausea. Louise helped with pain management as I was unable take any prescription drugs. We worked on stress reduction techniques over the telephone from the hospital. Her warmth, caring and expertise really shone through. With the nausea I would call or text Louise and she would clear me. The results were amazing. I would stop feeling sick altogether. No other anti-nausea remedy even touched the sides! My husband was also experiencing severe sinus pain and he found the clearing to work almost immediately.

I have also had emotional detox Skype sessions with Louise. She identified the root causes of some thought patterns developed in childhood. Then we worked on releasing the fears and sense of helplessness. She taught me new skills to deal with negative thoughts as and when they should arise.

I highly recommend Louise as she is compassionate, intuitive, skilled,supportive and has a great sense of humour too.