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Book a 60 minute taster session

Would you like a taster session with me?

At £69 / 99 USD, this is such a great option as a low risk, high value investment.

  • Are you curious or interested and want to experience the benefits of my energy work?
  • Are you wanting to try me out before committing to my Immersion Program?

Use my secure payment link here and then you will be directed to my calendar to schedule yourself in using your own timezone.

Buy now £69

  1. When you book - you can use the form to tell me about the specific area in your life that you most want help with so that I can really focus on getting the very best results for you.
  2. I then go to work on your energy, remotely, using a set of highly comprehensive charts. I research the blocks and patterns that are working against you and clear them and top you up with new positive energy. I do all this before we talk.
  3. In our session, I give you relevant feedback from my energy research and clearing. And, we work on what most needs your conscious attention, using my unique methods for energy release, reclaiming your power, aligning with the wholeness of love and freedom.
  4. Within a matter of days you will feel a massive relief, a new sense of vibrant energy; confidence and your direction forward will become clear to you quite naturally.
  5. I will check back with you a week later for a 15 minute call to see how you are.

Still hesitating?

Take a look here at my professional and corporate testimonies.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Love from Lou