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Transformation Program

Three-Step Transformation Program

with Louise Smart CThA

  1. feel better from day one, by overcoming the stress, overwhelm and distraction from emotional pain which will free you to think clearly and keep being productive
  2. skillfully handle conflict, become unflappable and cultivate resilient confidence by radically uprooting self-doubt
  3. reach your professional goals whilst staying true to YOU, your core soul self

The Transformation Process

by Zoom, Skype or phone

Your program is uniquely personalized, based on what you want and need and an agreed time-frame. In the first stage you learn simple energy transformation skills that take minutes to diffuse emotional pain, stress or fatigue. You then move on to a profound energetic repatterning of your relationship to yourself and others and learn to stop leaking your power through self-doubt, self-criticism, worry, reactivity, defensiveness, approval seeking and fear. You let go of being triggered by your past eg. trauma or loss. The next stage is about progressively getting to grips with how to direct your energy to achieve your goals, handle setbacks and strategize change from a totally transformed sense of your core, your personal power and fulfilment.


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I started on Lou's Transformation Program when I had metaphorically 'hit the wall'. I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted and it didn't matter how much meditation, exercise or rest I took to try and 'fix' it, I couldn't. One session into the program with Lou and everything shifted. That first session gave me the energy and courage to look at things differently, to trust in myself and to take small but significant steps. From there on I was commited to my transformation and I haven't looked back!

Lou's energy clearing and coaching began to unblock things I didn't even know were present in my life. Patterns and beliefs that had built up since childhood. With her help I began to understand why these things were emerging and how they were informing my view of the world and my work. It continues to be a journey but I'm more energized, more balanced, happier and healthier. At work I'm breaking through barriers in a way that is true to who I am. No more trying to fit around an old, misguided belief I held. I'm living life with a better understanding and appreciation of who I am…and it's great!

I'll be forever grateful Lou – thank you x

Female Business Executive, 40.

"I promise to do my very best for you".

Believe me when I say that the lovely Lou Smart is true to her word and will do her very best for you. I discovered Lou's Transformation Program at a time in my life when everything was changing. I had just entered into my 50's and after many years of working and raising a daughter I knew it was time for ME. I wanted to deal with any emotional blocks or self-destructive patterns that were preventing me from having a wonderful fulfilling life. The great thing about working with Lou was that I felt free to open up and discuss any issues past and current and no matter what I disclosed about myself I felt totally safe, supported and secure in knowing my privacy was sacrosanct. Having the option of sessions being recorded of course means you can listen again at anytime which is an invaluable resource.

I can genuinely say that working with Lou on the transformation program has been life changing. It has enabled me to better understand ME and why in previous events in my life I acted or felt the way I did. It is important that you know you will need to put in time and effort but the reward is wonderful. I can say honestly that I feel emotionally happier,my life is so much more fulfilling and I feel a great sense of contentment and peace.

In just a few short weeks many people will start to think about making New Year Resolutions and YOU could make no better resolution than to work with Lou. For those of you who do, one of the tools provided is her own audio series. Having the audios means that even after your sessions have finished there is guidance and support available for you moving forward and the audios are yours for life. Should you still be unsure. Don't be. Working with Lou will most definitely be good for your soul and your life.

Female 50 

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Transformation Program