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Best therapy and fast track to healing - Harpers Bazaar Best therapy and fast track to healing - Harpers Bazaar Best therapy and fast track to healing - Harpers Bazaar Best therapy and fast track to healing - Harpers Bazaar

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Globally accessible services

My approach to helping you

As someone who has been impacting clients' practical day to day lives for 25 years, I've seen a lot of clients who have sought me out having come away from conventional counselling, the talking cure, maybe more self-aware, but disappointed they don't actually feel better. It's often because they haven't addressed the patterns and blocks that are deeply rooted in their energy circuitry affecting all aspects of their being - not just their mind. I expect you can recall being mentally anxious or emotionally upset and unable to sleep ? You certainly felt the distress in your body - in the knot in your stomach, in the fatigue and heaviness that robbed you of clear perspective, confidence and motivation.

My approach is altogether more holistic, complete, energetic and direct. I work with the intelligence of your interconnecting physical, mental, emotional and core soul energies as a whole. I use precise energy tools and a refined skill set that gets to the root cause of complex or historic problems quickly, restores harmony and helps you manage challenges in a way that transforms you and brings profound lasting change.

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Professional experience

Throughout my professional career I've continued to develop and evolve myself and my approach so that I can be effective for a broad spectrum of clients. I ran a private clinic in Harley Street, a practice at the Stress Management Unit at London Bridge Hospital, presented my Stress Management programs for Central Law Training Ltd and for large retail and banking sectors, lectured and consulted in Emotional Detox and Energy Clearing at Grayshott Spa and top spas in the world. I now work with people everywhere thanks to the internet.

What you want and need

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My services are for people like you who want what I call "inner wealth", a rich sense of fulfillment to be as much a part of your reality as material comfort, health and success however you might define it. You want a way to be free of the energies that sabotage your family, work life, relationships and health. Instead of feeling stressed or emotionally heavy so much of the time, you want to master your emotions and your energy and call on your power when life delivers setbacks, disappointments and devastating losses.

You need someone real who can truly listen, support, honor and guide you without judgement when:

  • you are feeling stuck or trapped or can't see a way forward;
  • you are going through devastating loss, crisis, disappointment or health problems;
  • your work, business or corporate life doesn't give you the satisfaction you seek or the freedom to be YOU;
  • your workload leaves you no time or energy to let go and enjoy the life you are working so hard to pay for;
  • you keep being knocked backwards by conflict, judgement or limitations;
  • you crave purpose and meaning and a deeper spiritual connection;
  • you keep attracting or are attracted to partners who make you feel insecure or leave you;
  • you have perhaps outgrown your marriage or partnership and it is painful to confront or move on;
  • you feel resentful, unloved and unsupported - it feels like everything is on your shoulders;
  • you are undervaluing yourself, you always second guess yourself and still try to win approval from colleagues, boss, partner, relatives, your social circle;
  • you are putting on a show of being positive - but inside you feel empty, lost, confused, frustrated, angry or guilty;
  • you have been working with a coach, therapist or spiritual mentor but you still feel held back inside yourself, can't seem to sort yourself out or make your life work for you.


I will help you in 2 powerful ways with One to One sessions and Energy Clearing

You can choose to have either or both

One to One sessions - by Skype, Zoom or phone:

All types of one to one sessions are uniquely tailored to YOU and will involve the relief of strain or stress and uncomfortable feelings and helping you evolve your perspective and really learn what you need to know so you can move forward and not repeat any negative patterns. I will also create unique personalized energy healing sequences for you which are recorded for ongoing practice and to help you integrate new ways of being. I connect you to deeper levels of your heart wisdom, to your soul and help you gain understanding and mastery especially around loss and the things that won't work on your terms. This is how you move very quickly from "why don't things work out" to "Ah now I get it... now and I can move forward ......big old spiritual detox!


Its is super convenient and fast - instead of a heavy bout of therapy or raking over the past to get to the root cause of your problems, you carry on life as normal whilst I remotely research and then clear the invisible energy blocks, the binding forces that keep you locked up and stuck with thinking, feeling and doing the same things and getting the same old results. Tangible vitality, positivity clarity and a lot more besides, can LITERALLY drop into your reality and life just flows in a completely new way. Besides personal energy and tricky relationship dynamics, I can clear your homes, businesses and boost your energy for important occasions like an interview, presentation or a date. Then in your live sessions I will give you detailed insightful feedback from the ENERGY CLEAR ING and valuable guidance for taking any necessary action.


If anything struck a chord here, the best way forward is to call me directly or email. You can schedule a free connect call with me where you can tell me about what you want help with and I can advise on what you need to get you the results you want.

My warmest wishes 


07973 780 852
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