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Emotional Detox

Top listed and "fast track to healing"

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Skype, phone or face to face

Emotional Detox sessions combine discussion and guidance to give you fresh insight and practical solutions to troubled relationships, personal or professional challenges and painful experiences affecting your energy and happiness. We don’t just talk in sessions, we also go right to where the emotions, tensions and discomfort is locked in the body's energy systems and release it. Tension and blocking is very often stored in the heart, stomach, throat, shoulders, neck, and jaw or there is an over all sense of discomfort in or around the entire body. Sometimes there is a sense  numbness, apathy or fatigue. Once the tension or blocking is released you will feel freer and have greater access to your own inner guidance to direct your life on a more fulfilling, secure, loving path. With the combination of this new emotional freedom, guidance and support you will find yourself more able to make decisions, take the right action or say the things that you need to say to the appropriate people from a position of strength.

It is a complete physical, mental and emotional and energetic process of release for dealing effectively with:

  • stress - specialist program
  • child sexual abuse - specialist recovery program
  • couples - specialist program
  • blocks to self love - audio series
  • blocks to self love
  • family conflict
  • depression, loss of motivation or sense of purpose
  • panic
  • shock
  • work pressure
  • life changes eg. bereavement, divorce, separation, end of relationship, marriage, birth, job loss, career change, financial crisis
  • trauma and post traumatic stress disorder
  • painful childhood
  • apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, hurt, anger, frusrtation, hatred, guilt, shame
  • body image, eating issues and weight control
  • blocks to intuition/spiritual support
  • personal power, confidence and self-esteem issues
  • difficult or painful personal or professional relationships

What happens

Firstly we talk things through to get to the root of problems or the negative toxic pattern in your circumstances, relationships and your past and childhood where relevant. We then start working on the emotional tension because emotional energy is the power that limits and locks us into the way we feel, think and judge and habitually behave. We can’t change others but we can change our reactions,how we feel and our energy if we know how. We can find the strength to speak our truth, or walk away from people or change our situation if we can release the underlying emotional tension. This is usually some from of fear, inhibition, insecurity or need for control. Sometimes the cause is deeply buried and subconscious and can be rooted out nevertheless.

Sitting comfortably or lying down, you will be guided through 'detox' techniques that help you identify, free up, and let go of the energy drain and negativity linked to holding on to past or present - hurts, fears, anxieties, frustrations, resentments, anger, jealousy, apathy, guilt, shame, helplessness, procrastination, grief or panic.


  • You will discover how good it feels to be free from emotional reactivity that is magnetising or perpetuating problems, unhappiness and stress.
  • You will learn safe healthy tools for emotional relief so that you can stop self medicating, numbing or sabotaging yourself with addictive substances or comfort food.
  • You will experience feeling safer, more loved, freer, lighter, more 'authentically you' with an intuitive "knowing" that you are on track in life.
  • You will learn life skills and tools that you can use anywhere and anytime.
  • Emergency support between sessions is available if required.


I had a successful career, a husband who I loved to bits, was lucky enough to have a great circle of friends and family, and enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle. Then one day, my perfect world started caving in. In quick succession I was forced out of the company I’d been at for years, found out my husband was having an affair, and was told that I had cancer. I became very low - I felt that I couldn’t face or cope with all the problems building up around me. They kept me awake at night as I worried about the future and became hurt, angry and afraid that I’d never sort them out, never be happy or feel well again. I checked into Grayshott Spa where I booked in with Louise for Emotional Detox. From the very first moment, Louise was amazing - her own warmth, compassion and positive energy, not to mention her great sense of humour, immediately put me at ease. It was a huge and instant relief as she listened quietly and then taught me how to.’ let go’ of the pain and the hurt. I walked out of that first session breathing easier than I had for months and walking at least a foot taller I swear! Over several Skype sessions, Louise has taught me how to cope with my problems, how to release stress and pain, how to become more positive and more spiritual, and how to look for positive happiness in everything I do. She has an intuitive understanding about what makes me tick, and a genuine concern to help make people’s lives better - but I also know that’s backed by years of study, hard work and experience. She has made a huge and positive impact on my life, and I’m now healthy, facing forward and starting a whole new and exciting phase - I can’t recommend Louise Smart highly enough.

Senior Executive, Financial Services