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Couples and Relationships

Face to face, Skype and telephone sessions

Couples therapy provides practical support and advice for:

  • improving relationships
  • decision process to stay together or separation
  • uncoupling and releasing each other
  • divorce
  • communicating and parenting during and after separation

Healthy relationships have at their core - trust, acceptance and honest communication between mutually respectful partners. The ability to listen to each other properly even through disagreements is dependent on the capacity for maintaining respectful boundaries. Sessions help partners grow in understanding of themselves and one another so that you can work through problems in your relationship as a couple or as part of a family with greater unity and love.

Sessions help you each become freer, more authentic and yet safe to be yourselves. You will learn harmonious ways of communicating and stop any point scoring,the tit for tat or “eye for an eye” approach and the resentment that is corrosive and toxic in the longer term to you and any children involved.

Together you will learn to truthfully express yourselves, your needs or boundaries and any unresolved grievances without the fear or drama. By establishing commitment to the goal of greater love and acceptance for yourselves and each other you will be facilitated in working through any conflict or misunderstanding in ways that will heal you both. You will experience how to let go of what no longer works as individuals and as a couple so that you can cooperate in staying together or uncoupling graciously.


Either or both partners can work with me independently before or in tandem with couples therapy. In most cases I advise this because each of us carries a personal family history that is in all likelihood affecting the relationship. Please contact me to discuss the best way for you to start couples counselling.