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I was introduced to Louise by a friend during an incredibly low moment in my professional life where I needed guidance and a real break from what I perceived as "bad luck".

Louise cleared my energy and guided me through a very competitive hiring process for a new position.

I not only got the job but used her advice during my interview process. I literally felt all the negativity fall away and during my interviews I could intuitively feel a clear path to all the correct answers.

Louise is a wonderfully compassionate human being who gives generously, hope and stability to whomever, like myself, really need clarity and moral support.

Head of Compliance EMEA

I was fortunate enough to come across Louise in a private Facebook group, I was immediately drawn to her depth of wisdom.

I was then grateful to have the opportunity to connect with Louise, one on one.

She has an amazing ability to get to the heart of the problem, intuitively understand what needs to be addressed, then gets to work clearing the energy held within.

The effect after the clearing was amazing, could feel the detox effect the next day and Louise was amazing in advising to go gentle and offer support.

I'm sure anyone invested in working with Louise will surely benefit and be in amazing hands.

Thanks Louise.

I was fortunate enough to come into contact with Louise and have to say having one of her Energy Clearing sessions has touched me to the core. In the feedback session after our first clearing something deep opened for me and I felt such relief that I had been heard. Her ability to tune in exactly to the areas I have been struggling with and assist me in changing my energy has been profound. I am continuing my work with Louise at this present time, my healing journey is ongoing and her work is intuitive, passionate and real. I feel like I am being heard on such a soul level and learning and discovering how to trust again. Louise has been the most incredible person I have been blessed to do this transformative work with. I know and have faith that big shifts in my past beliefs are happening. Thank You Louise. So much love, Ruby.

I first visited Louise on my return from a spa holiday which had thoroughly detoxed my body and initiated a process within me that I now know to be the start of emotional detoxing. Although I was hugely sceptical at first at the idea of visiting anyone for help, I quickly discovered that Louise's methods are not at all intrusive. She has a knack (often using humour) of gently coaxing you into accessing and articulating feelings and emotions. Over a series of sessions it became clear that there had been a pattern of events and relationships in both my personal and business life which had caused a huge burden of suppressed emotion to have built up inside me. Within only a few sessions, Louise was able to tell almost intuitively how I was feeling and focused her healing methods on the areas that needed either release or strengthening. I found Louise to be compassionate, understanding and supportive and I came away from sessions feeling uplifted and released. As a consequence I am far more emotionally aware and receptive than I was previously.

Senior Fund Manager

After nearly 20 years of extremely dedicated and hard work in the City, I found myself very suddenly wondering where the excitement, the sharpness, and the enthusiasm that I used to take for granted had gone. By chance I alighted on an introduction to Louise and the "emotional detoxing" phrase really resonated with me. I realised through my sessions with Louise that I was actually being very tough on myself, not just physically but emotionally as well. To cap it all I was using my success as a hiding place, ignoring the real day to day personal issues that were staring me in the face. As a result of our discussions I now feel more confident and relaxed, more open with family and my children and more content and fulfilled in my everyday context. Through a mix of techniques, mainly succeeding because I found talking to Louise so therapeutic, I have achieved a far greater tranquillity than I thought was possible.

Managing Director US Investment Bank

I visited Louise after I heard that she is unusually sharp and intuitive in her diagnosis of causative factors of stress, and the blockages (that prevent more of us than we would like to believe) from reaching our full potential. As somebody who deals with behavioural and psychological analysis myself, I was most impressed with her ability to sift through the information and find the critical factor that needed attention - the awkward perspective that takes you out of your comfort zone , which any amount of self analysis would skirt around - and then to focus on that creatively , supportively and pragmatically in the sessions. I am now well past these recurring patterns and have also been guided by Louise to really helpful leading edge modalities and programmes, which are just right for me and take very little time. I was pleased to deal with these matters in private rather than a corporate or group setting. All in all, an excellent investment of time and effort.

Business Consultant

It is said that inner peace, calmness, love, understanding and a balanced mental state are things that money cannot buy. This is a complete misconception. Reality is that a few sessions with Louise will open up all these possibilities. This is not a heavy bout of therapy but a common-sensical, logical unravelling of the mind, which leaves you empowered to takes massive steps forward. Out of all professional services that I have ever used (lawyers, accountants, doctors etc), this is the best value hourly rate I have encountered. I went to see Louise after every single wheel had fallen off. Two weeks later everything became clear and all the problems, that seemed insurmountable, were being solved. All the negativity and constraints in my life had collapsed. The opportunity is open to everyone - to pass it by is a mistake for life. This should be part of the National Curriculum.

Owner, Various Businesses