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About me

These days I call myself an Energy Consultant, meaningful to a lot of people who are energy aware. As a specialist in Stress Management I have a corporate and clinical background including work at The Stress Management Unit at London Bridge Hospital and presenting my wellness programs to Central Law Training Ltd. My Emotional Detox program( featured in Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Business) launched in 2OOO, is a modern holistic energetic approach to counselling that lead me to extensive lecturing and consulting in spas. I got into energy work much earlier as a student when practising Tai Chi andChi Kung (energy cultivation). I found I had natural abilities – powerful intuition, sensitivity and a heightened awareness of how to transform energy that has become blocked. These abilities are now highly developed and a hugely practical part of my success helping individuals and businesses. I am able to get to the heart of problems quickly and accurately, then clear negativity and bring in the desired harmony.

In a nutshell my work and passion is helping align people and all aspects of their personal and professional lives including their homes and businesses, with the natural trajectory of all energy – which is expansion, health, freedom and love. I do this respectfully with integrity and care for all along the way. I love a good laugh too!

If you book a initial consultation you can really get a sense if my approach is right for you. Looking forward to connecting with you!