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Stress Detox

This is a program of sessions structured to address the cause of stress and stress symptoms. Through discussion and practical techniques you will be guided to resolve stress in your personal and professional life and get back on an even keel. I will assist you in re-evaluating perspectives, goals and expectations of yourself and others so that you can make necessary changes and speak up for yourself where neccessary. The idea is to alleviate the cause and stop it reoccurring. You will discover how proven techniques can give you welcome relief from mild to acute stress symptoms and the means to:

  • deal confidently and effectively with bullying, coercion, manipulation, oppression and threat from others
  • switching off your mind and deeply relaxing your body and countering insomnia
  • thinking clearly and trusting your intuition and taking action with conviction
  • overcome worry, fear, panic attack, fatigue and heaviness in body
  • counter negativity, feeling out of control and wanting to escape

Included as part of this program is an MP3 recording of my deep relaxation sequence for daily use to counter stress and help you sleep.

From the onset you will experience regaining control, calmness and confidence and you will have emergency support as and when required as part of this effective and practical programme.